Principal information
The founder of the New Zealand Artists Association, the New Zealand Chinese Artists Association Deputy Secretary-General, New Zealand Chinese Culture and Art Exchange Association Deputy Secretary-General, is the New Zealand advocate formal art education The first person, the painting has won many awards and exhibitions at home and abroad major exhibitions, and has been praised the community, but also won the approval of the former Prime Minister of New Zealand john key and Wang Yanke principals in the painting on the signature. Years of art painting experience and step by step to explore the teaching experience on the basis of Wang Yanke principal opened the New Zealand Brush Art School. Eight years, the brush art school from small to large, from scratch, to create a lot of New Zealand art education first.

Message from the President
Students, please continue to use your hands in the brush, to describe the hearts of the dream. As long as you and the heart of the brush with it will be able to take you to the other side of the dream. – Wang Yanke